Mount Snow?

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Mount Snow?

Postby Tom400CFI on 30 Jul 2012, 17:13

Anyone know what is going on at Mt Snow? It would appear that they are looking for nearly an entirely new Mtn Ops crew. Don't see that often...Anyone know what is up? Is Elia still there?
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Re: Mount Snow?

Postby Canadianbombar on 11 Aug 2012, 19:44

Maybe salary's/wages are being constricted to pay for hundreds upon hundreds of fan guns and a season to warm to use them? They spent themselves into a DEEP hole the past 3 years. It's either that or piss poor treatment by the GM. Both happen all the time. I know of a couple places that were looking for mountain mngr, maint mangr, groomer 1,2,3,4, snowmaking mngr, snowmaker 1,2 etc etc.....sure sign of a problem of one of the above. But then you already know this yourself! lol
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