Know about energy pile

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Know about energy pile

Postby SANCHEZ21 on 17 May 2010, 06:39

Energy piles are the best resources of green heat with solar thermal energy. But this doesn’t mean a deep similarity between both, as the resemblance ceases here. Energy pile is a simple device which makes use of the thermal capacity that surrounds the pile to amass heat. The principle behind an energy pile is similar to that of a fly wheel. The heat that gets pumped from the ground during winter will be refilled during summer. Energy piles are highly helpful in cooling buildings. Same principle is employed in both the cases, in hot and cold climates.

Energy piles can load as well as unload the cyclic thermal storage and can make it available globally, for a huge number of properties. The efficacy of an energy pile is not just restricted to geothermal heat in rocks.

Energy piles can be drilled to several hundred feet below or beside a chosen property, and closed circuit of pipework can be installed.

An energy pile can help in creating a clean method of heating homes and offices. Since such systems do not have any geographical limitations, they can be used anywhere, apart from permafrost zones.

Newer developments in the drilling and usage of energy piles are bringing up a lot of advancements in clean energy technology. For the latest updates on energy piles you can read the articles and Energy News reports from websites like World Energy Media.
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