BR350 ghost tiller operation

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BR350 ghost tiller operation

Postby cptmrgn on 03 Feb 2017, 22:57

we have a 2010 br350 . we are having issues with the tiller doing random ghost functions. Any one else ever see this. The thing will raise and lower jump side to side with no one in the cab. the tiller has even engaged and started spinning in the full up position. While doing this the PRAN is flashing all kinds of quick and weak in and out put signals. Sometimes shutting it downs seems to "reset" it.
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Re: BR350 ghost tiller operation

Postby admin on 08 Feb 2017, 20:04

This may be a silly question, but I'm a firm believer in "start with the simple stuff first": have you checked the electrical pigtail connection at the tiller? Cleaned it thoroughly on both the male & female sides? A little rogue voltage can wreak all sorts of havoc. If the connection is good, maybe someone can provide normal specs so you can ohm out that wiring harness, just to make sure everything is solidly connected to where it needs to be.

If that's all good, I might lean toward an MP software flash from Prinoth? Certainly seems like this must be either electrical or electronic.

But do note that I'm not a mechanic. I've spent a lot of time around these machines, but more on the ops side.
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Re: BR350 ghost tiller operation

Postby cptmrgn on 09 Feb 2017, 10:22

We had the old PRAN computer in this cat. Although the red light was blinking and showing all good there was an internal issue with the computer. Ordered the new version and new wiring harness to convert it to our cat and all seems good so far. Is there anywhere I can send this old PRAN unit to to be reflashed or checked out Prinoth says no on their end. Moral to this story just because computer says its ok it may not be. Hours tracing wires for shorts and connectors for issues and the whole time the damn PRAN was the issue. chalk it up as a learning curve right!
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