Prinoth Beast

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Prinoth Beast

Postby Rchristian on 27 Feb 2010, 22:30

Anyone have the pleasure of driving the new BEAST? Whats your input?
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Re: Prinoth Beast

Postby LBCAK on 28 Feb 2010, 14:57

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Re: Prinoth Beast

Postby snowwizard on 09 Mar 2010, 21:49

Rchristian wrote:Anyone have the pleasure of driving the new BEAST? Whats your input?

Finally got a chance to drive the new Beast (Center Cab) and was impressed with it. Did not mind the center cab; they made some changes that were very good for the operator. Most of the controls are on the joy stick. The only thing is the adjustment for tiller depth and snow chamber are not on it. Visibility was very good in the front view, but you have to use the mirrors for back view which is very good. The lights a very good no dark spots any where. Does it take the place of 2 tractors? I would say no, but is does cut down on passes you have to make on a trail. The area I work at has 2 Beast (older models now), but when pack grooming they defiantly make a difference, like I said before trails get done quicker. For pulling the edges of trails and dozing out trails it is very efficient. The only thing I did not like is were they put the fuel cap. It’s in the front of the tractor on the right side of the tractor. You can’t tell when it’s full. We do not use auto shut off nozzle. Wife does like the smell of diesel fuel on my shoes or clothes. I will say hats off to Prinoth this is a very nice tractor.
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Re: Prinoth Beast

Postby runnin' rope on 08 May 2010, 10:20

I enjoyed the machine as well, but it has no place in the parks, where I spend most of my time at this point. Tiller depth and flag are on the stick, push and hold tiller centering button, and you got those functions. Used it more extensively on a bison x and loved it. sometimes you gotta pick the depth up a little to avoid gouging when going next to features, and this was so easy it was awesome! Loved it for that. Also liked it for prepping the floor of the halfpipe before cutting, almost done in one much power and aggressive blade makes for an awesome combo when working in hard snow.
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