Bison Fuel Tank Problems

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Bison Fuel Tank Problems

Postby LBCAK on 27 Feb 2010, 00:45

A heads up guys for anyone running the new Bison, or planning to. (Center seat ones)

We have found that the fuel pickup was manufactured to be very close to the inside wall of the fuel tank. Vibration during operation has caused the fuel pickup screen to wear a hole in the front of the fuel tank.

If you catch it soon enough, you can modify the pickup screen and make it narrower. So far this has fixed the problem. If you don't catch it soon enough, your going to be replacing a fuel tank.

Not only has this happened on our cats, but the fuel tank provided by Prinoth as a replacement was a used one, and we found the wear marks on the inside of that tank as well.

An easy check to see if this is happening is to pull the fuel pickup out of the tank, and inspect the screen. The rubbing will be apparent. Trust me, a few bolts, 2 banjo fittings, and 2 wires, is a lot easier than replacing a fuel tank.

If you would like pictures, please let me know. The tank should still be there on Monday and I can get a few. Also, if you would like more information, please shoot me a PM. (Can we do that here?)

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