275 tiller issue

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275 tiller issue

Postby Shenanigans2800 on 31 Jan 2016, 18:23

From cruising this forum, I'm thoroughly aware that the 275 is definitely not on the cutting edge anymore but I'll ask as I don't have a choice as to what I'm operating! :D

I've seen a couple of past topics that touch on tiller issues. I operate an '04 275 and we've had tiller issues. Specifically it seems that it likes to either fully or partially shut down at time during operation. The indicator light remains on when encountering this problem. Nothing seems to make it better or worse. Some days it's not an issue. Others, it's a constant irritation.

Only thing I have noticed, that it can be very pronounced on low to medium grade accents and descents. I'm not a mechanic by any means, but the pump has been tested and is making proper pressure. Seems we also ruled out any issues on the tiller itself. Definitely get power surges to the tracks when it's randomly shutting down then coming back on.

A neighboring resort had a similar issue a few years ago, and it turned out to be a bad inner lining of one of the main tiller hoses. Guess it developed what I can only describe as an aneurysm that was creating on and off flow issues during operation. A few of us have also considered whether or not it's the M.P., however as with everyone else, we're trying to rule everything else out before we consider that.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: 275 tiller issue

Postby ward-o on 31 Jan 2017, 22:52

stupid question, but check your quick couplers 1st.
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Re: 275 tiller issue

Postby Smooth Operator on 11 Feb 2017, 05:47

Tiller circuit going into relief?
Happens in hard snow conditions when depth-of-cut is too deep and/or down-pressure forces rotors into the conditions that the tiller doesn't have the power to grind through.
On our unit it seems to happen more often when driving at a faster speed, leaving pock marks behind.
When it happens again, try reducing forward speed to a crawl, giving the teeth time to cut in
Need to check relief pressures, sometimes best while operating in worst conditions
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