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Bombardier Flex Tiller Won't Float

PostPosted: 12 Feb 2015, 13:28
by Hazmat1
I have a BR 275 with a flex tiller that will not float. When the stick is engaged the tiller spins but it will not drop or float. All other hydraulics work properly and it goes up and down without issue, When the pressure switch is pressed it will drop.

Has anyone expierenced this problem? I am trying to narrow down a switch or relay that might be the culpret. I have check all connections and nothing appears to be loose or disconnected.

Re: Bombardier Flex Tiller Won't Float

PostPosted: 10 May 2015, 20:19
by ward-o
It's been a while so you may have already figured this one out. on the Br-275's...
Almost always it's electrical. unless you've messed with the tiller joystick wires recently , My bet is on the wires back at your up/dn press valve in the tub, are on the wrong coils, it's really easy to get them mixed up, the harness eyelets or deutsch pin connectors both are all the same on the 4 coils. lets double check to make sure. (looking towards rear of cat) its the valve in the center, with hand adj,relief underneath
note: pull harness loom back a bit to see wire numbers, printed every 2".
wire 120 -lock valve goes to top coil, on front ,top right wire 119- up/dn switching valve, wire 122a-cyl. drain(UP) on lower front left, and wire 19-rod-end drain(DN)on lower front right.
I did it myself in summer service one year, I left the wires hooked to the coils but mixed up which coil went where. if all seem to be in the correct spot and coils all work, check the harness pins at the connectors. its common to have brush get up past the guards and pull on wire connectors and create gremlins by ripping wires out at the crimps. also ya gotta have a full 24v. at the coils to make them pull the valve cartridge open fully. ps: the 275's eat batteries about every other year.
good luck.