BR275 Portable Radio Install ?s

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BR275 Portable Radio Install ?s

Postby admin on 24 Sep 2014, 15:48

Historically, our cats never had portables installed. Groomers always carried handhelds, which is extremely cumbersome, you often can't hear well, and it's just plain annoying. I managed to get permission to order some Motorola portables for all of our cats, and now I have to install them. Just looking for a bit of advice.

Our BR350 had a portable in it at its previous home, and the mounting holes and wiring were already in place. No problem.

We also have four BR275s (one grooming cat, two tour cats, and a utility cat). These machines did not have portables. Two questions:

1) Where is the best mounting spot in this cab? Somewhere on the dash? Overhead? I'm looking for the perfect balance of ease of installation and functionality for the operator.

2) What is the best way to tap power for these? I see under the console in the fuse panel there is a fuse for "Radio/Lighter." Do they mean radio, or stereo? And I've heard from some sources that the best thing for clarity of transmissions is to tap straight from a battery. Yes, no? Thoughts?

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Re: BR275 Portable Radio Install ?s

Postby ward-o on 04 Jan 2015, 19:00

howdy Patrick,
I know it's a bit late...
we have about 20 groomers here,orange,red and yellow; and have been putting 2-way units in them for over 15 years. the mp plus/BR-275 usually have a 3pc headliner (older cats its a 1pc) and its all held up there by about ten tiny screws, half of which only go into fibre-glass. we've found that the vibration and weight of our base units "on the ceiling" didn't work out so well ,screws constantly were stripping and falling out & the mic kept falling down out of its holder and hitting the dash gauges ,taking out the glass. So...
I found it was safer and less costly to mount them right in the square lunch-box area of the console. mic is still within easy reach & also its easy to find the 12volt wires bombardier provided for 2-way radios under the dash right there, even has a fuse there marked for tele.
Lastly, they fibre-glass molded in a "ground plane" wire mesh, right above the passengers seat in the roof. you'll want to mount your external antenna thru that, it's about 12 inches square. prevents interference when transmitting.
hope it helps, ward-o
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