Prinoth Issue.

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Prinoth Issue.

Postby Hunter14 on 21 Nov 2010, 19:11

Hello every one, Im kinda newbie to the Groomer maintance scene. I was wondering if i could get some help.
I got a prinoth that runs fine but hydraulics dont work, I looked through the books and the only thing i came up with was the Door safety latch. i tested it and it tested good. We had a similar Problem before that it ended up being that safety switch on the door. But what else could possibly be the problem?

Any help would be greatly appriciated :)
Thank you
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Re: Prinoth Issue.

Postby Canadianbombar on 28 Nov 2010, 11:51

There are safety switches on both doors and the is also one under the arm rest for the sticks (I assume you're referring to a 350?) If I recall right.. the safety switches just dead stop the drives on the tracks though. If you're having problems with no blade hydraulics...but the tracks will spin...I would assume there is an electronic problem....could be as small as a blown dash fuse.
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