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Postby nhmx271 on 09 Feb 2009, 17:28

How are the new tiller tests at Hunter Mtn going??
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Re: Tillers

Postby joshski on 15 Feb 2009, 07:13

Just fine Peter, thanks for asking.
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Re: Tillers

Postby mtgroomer on 15 Feb 2009, 23:19

I hope so we have to fix all the runs that our NEW PB400 grooms and clean up them up with our 350s, and PB gave us 2 tillers with our new 400 . we got a new PB 400 and a new 350 ,the 350 for us is a much better cat.
PB has tryed to fix our 400 and with over 500 hrs it still runs like CRAP>>> it is bad when my guys would like run you BR 275 with over 5000 hrs then a new pb400...
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Re: Tillers

Postby Snowhappy222 on 10 Mar 2009, 12:52

If at first you don't succeed try and try and try and try, well you get the idea. Look forward to seeing the next installment. Should be fun. :lol:
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Re: Tillers

Postby Jimski on 09 Apr 2009, 12:31

The Alpinflex tiller has proven itself with almost 1k hours of demoing on our PB400. It has been well excepted by every customer that has seen it in our territory, from freezing conditions to spring slush, it has satisfied the PB customers, and made the few who don't run PBs take a second look. In the end, the surface for the skiers is excellent, achieving the end goal.
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