repurposing a PB 170D

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repurposing a PB 170D

Postby fetch on 13 Sep 2016, 22:49

Hi everybody. In the spring I purchased my first groomer. I've never been in or around a groomer before, so its a new experience.

I plan to re-purpose my machine for offroad recoveries to accent my towing business.

The tracks that came with my (1980's era) machine are very wide with aluminum grousers. A few sources have told me the tracks are in very good condition but I feel they are inappropriate for my application (they make the machine impractical to transport and I don't think the grousers would last in all terrain use). I feel rather than destroy the tracks, I should remove them (and possible sell them) and build myself new ones that meet my needs.

I've found a site that I can purchase some components to build new tracks, but is rubber belting really the only option? Where could I find some grouser bars? Suggestions?

I need to make sure that my machine is no wider than 10' otherwise I won't be able to transport it freely.
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Re: repurposing a PB 170D

Postby PB400Fan on 20 Sep 2016, 17:39

PB has other track options that are designed for off snow , summer use. You are correct that the tracks that came with the cat will likely get trashed with what you plan to do with it. Your best bet is to get in touch with Pisten Bully to see what options you have for your cat and to order the right parts. Where are you located?
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