PB 400 Tiller electrical plug

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PB 400 Tiller electrical plug

Postby cbender on 07 Jan 2014, 12:17

:x I now officially hate the electrical connector plug on the 400 alpine tillers. Last night I wasted 2.5 hours of critical production time trying to get two different tillers on two different cats functioning after switching from a super bar. If you know these plugs, they are multi pin polished aluminum fine threaded screw ons. PB changed from a much easier twist lock on the 300 tillers. The result is that if you change out implements often (like we do at Copper) you end up with operators of varying mechanical skills cross threading the fitting making it nigh on improbable to get the pins tight enough to make good contact resulting in no tiller function. I am pretty sure that the engineer on this one did a function check on the connector in the comfort of the factory @ 70 degrees, not on the hill @ 5 degrees in ice and snow. :x

So after the rant, has anyone else experienced this problem and figured out a solution or after market replacement for the plug?
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