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1. Why do you require administrator activation? Wouldn't it be easier just to do user activation?

Sure, it would be easier. But the problem is spam bots. At the rate the "abilities" of web robots are increasing, they are becoming more and more able to break right through other validation methods.

In order to assure that the community remains free of spam (as much as possible), I have elected to require administrative activation for all new account registrations. Not to worry, however. I check for new accounts several times a day, and you should never have to wait too long for your account to be activated!

2. Why create What inspired this project?

In this twenty-first century, more and more technological resources are growing and developing. However, our industry has fallen behind in terms of online resources. After a discussion on snowcat troubleshooting, one of my college professors mentioned that a blog or a forum would be an interesting way to share information and help troubleshoot. I decided that it was a great idea, and could even be expanded further into the realm of general discussion and operations discussion. My hope is that operators and mechanics can share experiences, ideas, and help to further strengthen this portion of our industry.
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