Grooming vid + slideshow

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Grooming vid + slideshow

Postby admin on 24 Mar 2010, 12:25

A couple clips from the past week or two of some really wet/sticky spring snow grooming. Then a slideshow of some of my best grooming/snowcat photos. Enjoy.

Patrick Torsell
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Re: Grooming vid + slideshow

Postby infidel on 14 Nov 2012, 20:35

Nice vid, Patrick! Love the sunrise (or sunset :?: ) pics at the end!

It's a couple years old, how about a new one this season?

BTW, will Pam cooking spray keep the wet stuff from sticking to the blade?
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Re: Grooming vid + slideshow

Postby ward-o on 04 Jan 2015, 20:26

never tried pam,
we have however tried waxing the blades with ski wax. worked well for about 1-2 hrs then wore off.
but, there is a product called "SLIDE" used on highway snow-plows that keeps the snow from sticking.It's a liquid that can be sprayed, brushed,or rolled on ,then must dry. breaks the surface tension kind of like rain-x. it works well but must be reapplied every couple days.
a stainless steel or "plastic blade skin" maybe a more permanent solution if its a common issue. ask your local groomer dealer about them
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