Alpine Mowing ski trails.

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Alpine Mowing ski trails.

Postby snowizard1 on 03 Nov 2016, 16:16

How many mow the trails? Just got done mowing for the season. Over 500 acres with one tractor. Few more weeks hope will be back on snow. Use flail mowers 6' side mount and 6' rear mower. Area I work at just uses field knives, tried to talk them into trying hammer knives. Field knives take a beating. Upper mountain is grass between rocks. One of the hardest mountains I've mowed. Most mountains I've worked at use the Abei tractor with a front mount flail (6'). Took awhile to get use to the 2 mowers and a 90 hp John Deere farm tractor, but once I got the hang of it works pretty good for the mountain.
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