Climbing tricks.

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Re: Climbing tricks.

Postby summergroomer on 11 Jan 2015, 11:32

taking your tiller speed down a little will also help with tricky climbs
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Re: Climbing tricks.

Postby truman on 29 Jan 2015, 19:36

Get a winch cat, it will fix all your problems.
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Re: Climbing tricks.

Postby cannon405 on 20 Feb 2015, 00:30

Curt Bender - i do most of the winching at cannon mt nh and use skip passes alot too - i have a few wide pretty steep trails that i have to work against the fall line because dealing with a few cookies is easier than the cable drag carnage that occurs because of anchor position/ trail topography etc in certain areas of the mt - skip passes make this pretty workable usually - and as youre aware the side to side passes match up really nice when using skip passes too - been at it since the tucker days and all this modern technology is great - one thing that has never changed is that mother nature has the final say haha - we have been in more than normal powder type conditions this winter in the east - stuff thats prob pretty routine for you guys out west - snowmakers killed it too with the cold temps we had in jan - best regards cannon405 aka Wayne Natti
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Re: Climbing tricks.

Postby ward-o on 11 May 2015, 01:06

tricks? well i like to bribe the ski patrol with m & m's to help pack my winch hook 40 yrds uphill to the pic. everybody likes chocolate and this works extremely well in deep loose snow when it can be nearly impossible to do all by myself. after that the steeps are pretty easy normally, just gotta remember to pick up all the marbles left with the last pass. ahhhh,lets see, skip passing on the way down will sure help coming back up so lets lift the dumbo ears and move over about 4ft and drop it, cleaning up on the up pass. well i sure have had a night or two where i had to just track pack it all out quick and ugly and then go away for a hour or two until it set up a bit and then come back. now i can just motor right up it so it must work. other nights you only get one shot at it so my advice is to schedule the winch cats whenever,wherever possible in those situations until you catch up.they almost always leave a better pass on the steeps vs a free's to 400bar!
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