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track rolling machines?

PostPosted: 10 May 2015, 22:26
by ward-o
does anyone have a track rolling device or machine that works well, that they really use? For years we've been using a bunch of manpower and a backhoe.We have 36 tracks to roll up and unroll 2 to 3 times per season.
I want ta find a better way. I heard big mt/whitefish in Montana built one once; did it actually work,does it get used?
let me know if ya got any ideas
44,000 track bolts to torque on the wall, 44,000 track bolts per year, ya take one down,spin it around,only 39,999 track bolts on the

Re: track rolling machines?

PostPosted: 13 May 2015, 06:28
by Yukon
I'd be interested in seeing something as well.