lack of legroom in a pb

lack of legroom in a pb

Postby snottydick on 11 Dec 2009, 20:08

The PB would be a perfect tractor if there was an adjustable throttle (gas peddle) to allow ones leg to be fully extended. After 10 hours with a leg bent at an angle of any where from 80 to 60 degrees and a constant pressure applied to the throttle, damage does occur to the right knee of an operator. I know. With Over twenty years in a Bully, stepping out of the machine after several hours work , right leg is awfully sore. It would be a simple fix by perhaps lowering the floorboard or putting the throttle on a sliding rack that adjusts to each operators preference. for thought
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Re: lack of legroom in a pb

Postby admin on 11 Dec 2009, 22:25

That's one of the reasons I hate yoke machines. I love the new PB models with sticks (400 and 600), and the older 300s and Edges with paddles were okay as well (they did have hand throttles, so no knee ache).
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Re: lack of legroom in a pb

Postby Tom400CFI on 12 Dec 2009, 21:18

That aspect (soar leg/knee) has NEVER bothered me at all. I don't know why, considering the fairly universal complaints that I get from other operators about it. But for me, it's not an issue at all. I love the 'Wheel least the 200 EDGE ones. Every night I go out in one, I have a great night.
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Re: lack of legroom in a pb

Postby WINCHCAT on 14 Dec 2009, 21:42

thats why thay make yellow cats that are ment to have 1 guy in it for 12 hours :D
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