Prinoth vs. PB, round two

Re: Prinoth vs. PB, round two

Postby admin on 25 Dec 2009, 08:15

Canadianbombar wrote:The steering wheels are a joke and just plain dangerous in a tobogan.

Agreed 100000001%

PB's with sticks are fantastic.

Merry Christmas! :D
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Re: Prinoth vs. PB, round two

Postby Canadianbombar on 25 Dec 2009, 14:58

Merry Christmas back atcha Patrick. Working tonight?? I am...blah...3 xmases in a row! Scheduled myself off for last night atleast and New Years eve although I'll likely go to 4 hours after close on the 31 anyway. I was in a full on tobaggan in the 200 the other night and was gunning it trying to get out and making a minor steering correction with the wheel to get the heck away from a chairlift tower and look out the side to see my drivers side track running backwards?!!? WTF?!? can do without the PB steering wheel system after that thanks! Damn things love to dig holes for only trying to make the slightest of turns with a the wheel on a soft climb too. You simply can't make micro adjustments with a wheel to get around that....all you can really do is tiller steer. Having to wrap my wrist thru the wheel to turn the damn thing while functioning the tiller swing and lock switches with my fingers is retarded too. Did the guy who designed this system ever even try it out?!?! lol All I want for christmas is a set of sticks and some buttons on the blade joystick! :)
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