How was everyone's 2014-15 season?

How was everyone's 2014-15 season?

Postby Yukon on 13 May 2015, 06:26

Just wondering how everyone made out for their last grooming season here in North America? In the Northeast, we had a great season with LOTS of grooming to be done. Anyone have any notable breakdowns, incidents, etc. etc.?
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Re: How was everyone's 2014-15 season?

Postby ward-o on 28 May 2015, 13:24

I'd like to forget it ,toughest challenges to overcome this season EVER.
We had the lowest snow-pack season totals in the pacific northwest in recorded history. only really ran 5 of our 18 cats, and never even did 1st scheduled oil change on any of those. hard to make snow when temps are above 40 degrees right? i believe the tubing hill (or should i say pond) had the longest lift-lines at the resort.
can you even say 70 degrees in february unless you're Aussie? lol
here's to next year, cheers
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