R & D, for u & me

what were they thinking?

Postby ward-o on 10 May 2015, 17:31

so let me get this straight, "I'll save more, the more i spend"? Is this for real? they're opposites
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Re: R & D, for u & me

Postby ward-o on 28 May 2015, 14:12

Thanks for the replies all,
i always thought the front renovators didn't get enough attention. they seem to work really well in the conditions they were designed for, but few areas were willing to invest in purchasing a separate P/T implement unless it could cut a pipe.
also i think the c-bars need some improvements to be a more useful tool in the arsenal, most places seem to be abandoning these too easily I feel. maybe because it's such a hassle to swap implements, i know we can improve on that. or maybe they just don't cover the center unpacked area that was between the tracks well enough.
Is CORD really the best riding surface ? Is rotary tilling the best way to treat snow crystals? maybe we should look at using a Giant Sonicare type implement that shatters the snow up with sound waves and vibrates some tines like the Ginzu groomer uses? or water injection to add moisture when it's too sugary?
I can see your sprockets turnin, let me know ur ideas.
as the song goes... "It's all about the BASE, bout the base, no troubles..."lol

whazzzat? How much to take tubing lessons?OMG
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