Track Packing vs. Packer bar attachment

Track Packing vs. Packer bar attachment

Postby WYboarder on 19 Jul 2012, 08:52

Just wanted to get some input on track packing vs. using a packer bar. What benefits does the packer bar have over just track packing? Any upsides to track packing?
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Re: Track Packing vs. Packer bar attachment

Postby Tom400CFI on 30 Jul 2012, 17:09

I feel that the Packer bar is adventageous for its overall size/coverage, and I feel, a bit mroe total compaction which (again, I feel) sets up harder and helps establish a base on which to drive when the next snow hits, and not pull up dirt/rocks as easily.

The advantages of leaving the surface tracked is that it is a rougher serface with more and deeper texture, and is better able to catch and hold snow when the wind blows.

Others may have more opinions, but those are mine. :)
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Re: Track Packing vs. Packer bar attachment

Postby ward-o on 31 Jan 2017, 22:44

so here again, there's no magic bullet
i'm sure way back when they paid some engineer a lot of dough to figure out this issue, and maybe they could elaborate better but here it goes.
Snow science 101: Snow metamorphasizes constantently. water vapor travels from the peaks to fill in the valleys or from warm areas to colder areas as it cools off it sinks. So... If the cord under your C=bar leaves lots of shallow peaks & valleys say 3/4 of an inch VS track packing alone which leaves much taller peaks & valleys at 4-5 inches the snow has to melt a whole lot longer before refreezing can happen. The bars actually introduce a little heat into the snow by the rolling over of the snow crystals by the mattinmg or kenetic energy.This introduces a tiny amt of water which as it hits the cold air almost instantly refreezes A bar will help firm up a base faster and also helps seal out warm air by giving it less surface area to contact. also, if the weather takes a turn it helps let, shhhhh (rain) run off the surface and not sink into every cleat mark thus melting your base faster. if you have the right conditions and lots of wind or colder powder? then maybe track packing alone will help catch more new snow. here we go to the tillers as soon as the rocks are covered. cheers
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