PB600w Hand and wrist fatigue

PB600w Hand and wrist fatigue

Postby snottydick on 24 Feb 2012, 05:28

Any other operators of PB600 winch cats having problems with fingers and wrist soreness due to repetitive action on controls? Buttons for stinger (articulating tiller) require very firm pressure applied by finger also the the quick wipe button for wiper blades. Joystick handle is the worst I have used in my 25 yrs grooming. Pushes the ball of your thumb joint up and outward into an unnatural position. Might be fine for light blading but for constant control of winch rheostat and rear implement up pressure combined with blade cut and wing functions, it has been doing damage to my wrists and fingers.
Maybe I am just getting old and my hands are getting arthritic but I would be curious to hear from other operators.
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Re: PB600w Hand and wrist fatigue

Postby smurfvt on 01 May 2012, 20:09

Only drove a 600 for one shift but I have to say I hated it! They should've saved the engineering $$$ and put in a heated cup holder!
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Re: PB600w Hand and wrist fatigue

Postby tahoebum on 13 Jun 2015, 16:05

I'm curious as to if any one has any new thoughts on this? I've found just resting your hand on top is comfortable and allows you to reach all buttons.

Granted, I was not the biggest fan when the new controls first arrived, but I've been running one in New Zealand for a few years now and I think it's great. We finally got a demo in PC and I had to convince some of the other operators of the benefits of the new controls.
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